Friday, December 30, 2005

The Beauty Queen

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jim and i went to hawaii for a family Christmas this year. here i am with my mom in her home. i've been calling her "Beauty Queen" lately so i decided to give her a tiara. she LoVeD it! here we are.. doing the "Beauty Queen wave"

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Holidays!

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wishing you a warm and cozy holiday and a blessed new year

Sunday, December 11, 2005

getting even

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i guess two can play at this game ; )

i ordered a hat rack from ebay and it came a few days ago. i absolutely LoVe having all my hats out where i can see them.. i love putting them on just for fun. but this is what i get.... i didn't hear Jim coming and got busted! there i am, in my jammas and a hat. he cracked up. you can see the hat rack in the reflection of the mirror


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he can't away from me when he's on the step stool..i told him i can't help myself!!! besides, this is all such a milestone, it needs to be documented doncha think?


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Thursday, December 08, 2005

first snow

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what's this...

SNOW?? i know it's just a dusting, but still...

you can call me a weenie.. in fact, i HAvE been called a "California Winter Weather Weenie"--by a friend in Philadelphia.

i admit it. hey, i'm a california girl raised in hawaii, what can i say? when it gets into the zero digits, that's cold. the joke is when it gets 60, californians look for their sweaters. in hawaii, it's 75 ;) i ordered fleece socks today.. then i ordered fleece slippers! i'm already wearing my fleece underwear.. oh well, god knows i don't look good in a bikini anymore.

i guess i should be thankful. there are people being more plummeted than i. stay warm everybody! except for those of you in southern california.. go to the beach for me!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

caught again :)

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he hates it when i come sneaking up on him with the camera. i ALWAYS get an "oh no.... teri, will you get out of here with that camera?" SO, how is it that every time i catch him by surprise he looks so cute?? --or is it just me? Jim's busily installing lights all around the studio. he tells me his next move is to paint the walls. my wonderful husband. he's such a perfectionist, does everything REALLy good.. and i DO mean everything. wait.. that didn't sound right... jim excels in everything he undertakes, is that better?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

from the other side

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just a shot from another angle of the tearing apart of the flat files ; ) actually, i'm standing in that favorite corner in the "back forty" as jim calls it. my drafting table is in the opposite corner

a friend wrote today, lovingly hating me, if that makes sense. but i keep thinking about how many years it has been that my mantra has been:: "i need a bigger studio" i even specified either three or four rooms, or one big room of the size of three or four. and LooK what i got! i think i got a room the size of five or six…i feel completely blessed

what's my point? believe in your dreams.. the bigger the dream the better. i've forever been a proponent of that philosphy. i guess i'm feeling chatty, or just behind on what i have to share

paper everywhere

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between jobs, i've managed to do some serious organization. i took EVeRy thing out of EveRY drawer of my two flat files. WHaT a job! with that done, it's way TOo CoOL... i couldn't believe some of the stuff i pulled out of those drawers.. everything from total garbage to brilliant ideas (if i do say so myself)

…the progress continues

working girl

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where on earth have i been?? i'm telling you, the pace hasn't stopped since we arrived here about a month ago. every time i've turned around, someone has wanted something from me.

I'm laughing at the scenario of the other night. it was tuesday, i was on a wednesday deadline for rubber stamps and i was cranking away. that afternoon, i had a phone call from my scrapbook art director. .. they needed me to knock out an illustration. .. a "Stop what you're doing, we need this right away" variety.

So, I did.

i went back to working on rubber stamps. i was NOwhere near done and dinner was knocking on the door

that's when my aspiring awesome guitarist son sent an email. he wanted any recent pictures i have of him for his web page. of course he wanted them right away.

jim was standing over my shoulder. in pure exhaustion, i asked if "anybody else needs something from me right away". i looked up at him and said "oh.. yeah.. you.." he was hungry ; )

anyway, i've been wanting to share this new release with you.. my winter/holiday foil collection.. in stores now!!! i am soo happy with the way it turned out

back tomorrow with a studio update....