Wednesday, December 19, 2007

this is a test ;)

this is a test. this is only a test..

if this were a real post, it would contain informative content :)
if you're reading this, i'd love it if you posted a comment!
i want to know if anybody's 'listening'..
sometimes i feel like i'm talking to myself to myself...
which isn't uncommon and maybe not such a bad thing :O
seeing as how i already talk to myself...

thoughts on paper anywhere
(typed or hand written-even on the computer!)
have a way of engraving themselves in our hearts.

during this giving season, I have LoTs of goodies to share... calendars, boxed sets of cards, journals.. who knows what whim might capture me!! SOO.. leave a comment and i'll put your name in the hat for when that infamous whim strikes! <--- she visits often!! something tells me it could be often! ask jim, he knows :)

There are so many things to be grateful for. expressing gratitude has become an everyday habit for me. may your days be filled with love and gratitude, peace and happiness...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

boats and boys!

this past saturday was the Beaver Lake Sailing Club's Christmas and awards party. I don't think I ever showed you last winter's boat haul out/ bottom repair which took place in our driveway. neighbors and delivery guys and sundry all poked fun about it. HEY! we had a hard winter last year, and it was freaking cold. too cold to go and strip, sand, fill and finish the bottom of of 24 ft sailboat (did i get that size right jim?? smirk) i could dig those photos out to post if i must..

so.. their intention was to launch the beautifully clean bottomed boat :) that's where the winter comes in. that boat sat in the driveway till... i dunno, late Spring?? people started suggesting we plant flowers in it! hey.. not a bad idea.. just around the corner from highway, there's an establishment that uses old toilets as planters! strange, maybe... but worth a little chuckle!

but i digress. they missed the Spring series altogether, gathered a new crew and shook out cobwebs during the short Summer season and took 1st place in the Winter series!! a first for Anahi and her crew!

from left to right: Tom, Billy, Jim (hiding) and Dan. Jim and Dan own Anahi with another fellow. I wasn't able to get a shot of Jim until everyone stepped way..

Dan had sailed the boat over from it's dock to the Sailing Club. Jim and Billy want to help Dan cast off. On the way down to the dock, we found a rickety wheel barrel. Stan offered me a ride.. i wasn't sure because it was straight downhill ;) Billy decided to get in and off they went!

here are a few shots of the boats lit up for Christmas.

Dan, with Jim and Billy helping, prepares to head home to the other side of lake. the rest of us fair weather sailors traveled by car!

Jim, ever the devoted sailor, was too busy and involved in his tasks to hear me call him to turn around! along with a chorus of Stan and Billy, he obliged!

and he's off... can't say into the sunset. it was awfully cold and foggy, but sailor Dan endured!

It was a fun evening, good food, good company. next year, watch out everybody!!! the crew was introduced as they were awarded as a "force to be reckoned with"! CoNGRaTuLATiONs guys!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

in my own little corner…

…in my own little chair, i can be whatever i want to to be! smiles. okay, well maybe it's not so little :) one of the many things i am thankful for: my chair, aka my nest!

i just thought you might enjoy seeing my creative space upstairs...

when i'm not in my office/studio/kitchen or bed, i'm on my chair surrounded by journals and various inspiration material :) there's a 1950s ashtray on the table with water brushes, pencils, glue stick and such. seems everything starts with a pencil ;) the basket holds watercolor pencil sets, sets of cool colored ball point pens (sorry, can't remember the name-- G-tech 4 or something?) pastels, palettes and whatever happens to be around at the time. click on the pic for a closer look.

i've been meaning to share this little corner of my world with you for some time now. i had the silk leaf mobile special ordered for the colors. the air vent is in the corner behind the chair so the leaves are almost constantly moving.. i LoVe it! Oh, and yes, the two paintings there are mine. i guess it's a little eclectic! ask me if that bothers me!! (but don't ask jim) -the painting behind my chair might get replaced at some point, who knows? the entire wall to the left of this pic is empty, awaiting it's perfect piece. i suppose the saying is true: there is only one constant and that is change...