Saturday, January 07, 2006

my kona dog

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i have wanted a doggy for so long.. it's been forever since we've lived anywhere where we can have a dog. well.. THaT's all changed. we adopted Kona from the shelter this week. he is the cutest puppy.. probably part hound part lab, but nobody's 100% sure. he sure is smart though... and very quickly becoming the most spoiled doggy in town

that CaN'T be comfortable!

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this is kona's first night home.. getting used to his new digs ; ) he has plenty of room to be fully in there, he just didn't want to! silly dog. after closed in for his first full night, he realized it was MuCH more comfy

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

upside down

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it wasn't easy seeing my table turned over, but jim insisted on painting the legs. okay, i agree, it is MuCH nicer. FiNaLLy, it's done! umm.. i think!! well.. at least for now! AND, i've officially taken it over ; )

going down?

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i FiNaLLy managed to get most of my books unpacked! oh joy!! i was worried about not being able to get to them until new shelves were made. but what's this? an old funky shelf, left by the previous owners. it is pretty funky.. it took a bit of pleading to get jim to agree to let me use it--temporarily. he has these standards, you see?

the next photo is from my office. i brought this book shelf with me. once again, the pleading worked ; ) jim wanted to trash this one in california. i whined, saying "where will i put my books??"

in the office

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