Friday, April 29, 2005

i'm so excited!!

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i always get samples of new releases, and look what showed up on my doorstep the other day! now all i need is somebody to teach me how to use them ; ) the stamps are die cut for no shadows - that's what it says.. it also says "goof proof". well, observe my goofy stamping techniques below ; ) it must be my heavy hand... besides, i like those shadows!

in stores now....

stamping diva ; )

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my first attempts at stamping my name with my new rubber stamps ....

where on earth have i been??

from the studio

where on earth have i been???

i guess i am proving to not be a very good blogger : (

last time i was here i notice i was talking about returning from CHA! what happened to March and April??? Yikes!

i have been here, there and everywhere, all while sitting right here at my computer and in my studio... working and playing! the success of my scrapbook line at CHA has led to some exciting new designs! i figure it's okay to toot my horn on my own blog : ) i've been busy designing last minute stuff for the summer show and beyond. it's been life in the fast lane and quite the wild ride indeed.

next up for me is a trip to New York to show in Surtex. Surtex is a licensing show that runs concurrently with the NY Stationery Show. I'm looking forward to that. it will be a good break and a chance to see some good friends and do fun stuff. meanwhile, i'm working away, designing my booth for New York, designing new fall collections.. LoTs of exciting stuff... stay tuned!