Monday, July 30, 2007

exciting news?

Rumi has long been one my most turned to poets. a 13th century philosopher, lover of heart and soul, this quote "Be with those who help your being" has indeed become a motto for me since i first read it, many years ago...

i am THRiLLeD to have this card accepted for distribution at..... Trader Joes's!! one of my ALL time favorite stores, sorely missed by many us out here in the sticks :)

If you frequent TJs, take a camera :) just kidding!! BUT it would be awesome if all my friends rushed to their nearest coolest market in a town, take look! hey.. even buy one-- or two!! i only get a minimum of samples and am holding on for dear life.. heck, i ~might~ even go buy some more for myself ; ) -- Kansas City here we come... ?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

studio and deck tour

here i am .. working on a sunday. but that's nuthin' new :) okay, so i'm taking a break between projects. OH and multi-tasking, too! i've got a whole lot of studio/deck pictures i want to share.. i leave for Chicago to attend the CHA trade show early wednesday morning. i'm scrambling to finish projects and prepare, soo.... i will let the pictures speak for themselves (for the most part :)
the first one is a familiar picture

and this one is looking from the other side. the wall is the back of my office.. eventually (whenever THaT is :) it will be finished in some fashion. starting with everyone's favorite: sheet rock !!

and for those of you who think it looks WaY TOO clean, i give you the other side.. my table is full of things that need to be dealt with in some variety. but, YES.. i STiLL have a little room to paint!

looking at the same back wall from the other side of my table, you can see my flat files (also covered with various whatever's) and my lovely drying table: two plastic boxes from art show days (still filled with pieces of some sort) and a door! plans are for custom built cabinetry all along that wall.. eventually ;)

continuing around the corner, my stove, and such.. ~eventually~ ALL the building/sawing/painting stuff can go somewhere else! OH, and there's the 'other' door! that one has been there all along.

right around that corner and .. ahh.. finally we get to go outside!! plans for that right wall are a big sink and cabinets/counter. umm.. eventually :)

looking left (and up) and who's that on the living room deck?? long time no pics of jim!!

this shot looks the other direction. the stairs lead to dining room deck. ~eventually~ we will add on so that two upper decks connect. OH and there will be additions to the lower deck as well. this was the obvious good place to start!!

and a better view of the landing that leads to the steps that leads to the other landing that was added to the dining room deck

this shot is looking back from above said and shown landing to the living room deck

what's a post without my kona puppy?? he always wants to be where the action is!

and back inside we go.. i hope you enjoyed this quick photo tour. now i think i'll sit on that deck before i start into the next project. hey, there's almost an hour before dinner ; )

Monday, July 09, 2007

the occupation :)

At long last... here it is:: a picture of my new and improved studio area. the window on the left is an addition, and the other one is a replacement

below is another view. naturally, the kona puppy always wants to be in the picture :)

the other side of the studio is the same.. no renovations... YET! but, what's next?? OK, Ms. Kings.. i knew yer really gonna hate me now, but i'm having a deck put on just outside those french doors. here's a quick shot of the beginning

Jim and our handy dandy carpenter had to build a support for the upper deck to hold it up while they replaced that corner 4x4 with a 6x6 for extra stability. you can also see one of the cement foundations for the new deck. and YES! it is done!! well.. mostly. i'll be adding more pics.. stay tuned!