Monday, February 25, 2008

this blog entry is brought to you by.....

…the letters
O U C H !!

i tripped over a power cord in my office last week and wiped out my big toe. sheeesh! actually, had i not been able to keep my balance, i might have knocked my head! SOO.. i've been horizontal for a few days, on ice and such. just so ya know, i haven't forgotten about posting my CA trip!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it's about time..

in more ways than one :)

so many of our colleagues have shared pictures and stories from CHA in CA. how do they do it?? i need more time!

i had a ToTaL BLaST and have a Bunch of pics. i will see about squeezing in a few bits and pieces as often as i can.

thanks to all of the great folks in San Diego and Orange County for taking my color and painting class.. and also to the many fine folks i met and played with at the Creative Imaginations booth. i always enjoy carrying on with you during the make and takes!! thanks for stopping by!

for a little fun, here is a picture by Sandy D in the OC class. Sandy is an awesome calligrapher and photographer! Sandy.. if you're reading and have a website, post it in the comments OR write me and I will pass it along.

stay tuned!! meanwhile i'm off to see about getting more paint on my hands!

Monday, February 04, 2008

California, here i come!!

it's show time!!

by this time tomorrow, i will be in California, eating sushi with my dear friend.. i can't wait!!

with CHA right around the corner, there's buzz all over the place!! i have SOO much to talk about and not a lot of time before i head out of here tomorrow morning.

the excitement starts (well, after the sushi and quality time with my friend, cary!) with a full day class on Wednesday with the San Diego Fellow Calligraphers. OH boy are we gonna have fun! - i PROMISE to take pictures and share! then i will head north to my (most recent) old stomping grounds and teach an evening class for my calligraphy/paint splashing buddies up there.

Then comes  CHA and all the excitement around it!! The Creative Imaginations Team has been hard at work preparing for the show! Our design team is showing their best work with projects using NEW Releases! They are featuring an artist each day on their blog  Me, i have three new collections along with several themed Swatchbooks! I AM SOO excited!! 

Stay tuned.. i will update as I can... meanwhile, here are a few projects using my my "Sweet Beginnings" Collection, from one of our awesome Team members, Linda. check out her blog!

Thanks, Linda!! YOU RoCK!

i've got more to share... hopefully in the morning. in the mean time, be sure to check out CI's blog

Friday, February 01, 2008

snow wonder

we had a good 8"of snow fall between last night and the night before. it was a soft, quiet  snow…not at all like the day before which started out with morning temps of high 50's! darned near shorts weather :) somewhere around noon, the wind came howling with gusts of 70 mph.  then the temps dropped rapidly:: from 60's to 20's=JuST like THaT. how CRaZYY!

everything was covered in white yesterday, and most of today. Jim and Kona Puppy like to throw and play with sticks, but sticks were hard to find :)
instead, Jim threw snowballs at Kona, and the Kona Puppy LoVeD it!! he loves playing with his "daddy". we like to tease him about his lily white butt :) and now here he is, blending in with snow!! ahh.. my little doggie, pure as the driven snow! --NoT!! he is well versed at the skill of being a pain in the butt! but we love him, and everything about him. 

it's hard to believe we've had him for more than 2 years now!! he is definitely showing signs of growing up!

As the day warmed up and the icicles began to melt from the roof of the house, I was mesmerized at the sign that appeared on the deck below.... the
water had left the marking of a cross.. it was quiet magical! I called for jim to come out and have a look with me. It was then that he told me that he was the one to shovel the horizontal crossbar away--- bursting my bubble! Oh well... i think i still prefer to believe in magic!