Monday, June 22, 2009

a fabulous success!!

I recently completed teaching my first online class. I'm SOO jazzed over the results!! Great Job, guys! Not many of us knew what to expect, all the various learning curves-- and there have been a BuNCh of them-- for EvERyONe of us, student and teacher alike. There's a sense of empowerment after having conquered something. Anyway, I am PrOUd to share some of the results and comments.

Click the pic for a close-up

I'll be teaching this class again in September at My Creative Classroom. To my Fall Semester I am adding another course "Art Buffet"- to include expressive letter/mark making, painting techniques, art journaling and simple bookbinding ideas. Now on with the Student comments, with a BIG thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your teaching and excitement about what we are doing! Your responses really make one want to work harder!
-Jane, MCC Student

I cannot wait for your next class. This is so wonderful to be able to take classes on line. I do not have to drive anyplace, I can do it 24/7 on my schedule, I can do it in my jammies if I want and I don't have to drag my supplies around. There are times that having that in-person experience with your instructor is helpful, but with your videos I feel like I am getting that personal attention. I am so happy to find My Creative Classroom and will be taking more classes that appeal to me.

-Pam, MCC Student

I think Teri is a fantastic teacher, and MCC is very easy to navigate. I have already recommeded both Teri and MCC to my calligraphy guild, and they will be checking it out. I look forward to taking more classes as I'm able.
-Linda, MCC Student

Thank you for offering this wonderful course online. You have a unique way of calmly presenting confusing materials with clarity and empathy. You seem to know exactly what the student's reservations and potential frustrations are before they are even expressed. I am grateful that you are willing to share your experience and talent with others.... the course is presented perfectly, is the right length and is do-able even for people who barely have time to sleep.... I learned a lot and look forward to the fall and to more courses. Thank you for offering this class.

-Anne, MCC Student

This is my first on-line course and I wanted to see how it was done. I have liked Teri's work for a long time, have bought scrapbook paper with her designs, and thought I might learn how she does those subtle colors. I got some good tips from her teaching style that I can incorporate in my own classes and some tips on mixing colors as well.
-Jo, MCC Student

The big draw for me was Teri Martin, she is an awesome woman, wonderful teacher and a great, compassionate, and caring human being
-Fran, MCC Student

I learned a solid starting place for exploring color, and Teri's teaching style is inspiring
-Linda, MCC Student

I love Teri's instruction, and if she were to offer more classes, I'd definitely consider taking them...especially if she could teach some sort of creative lettering... I felt that Teri did an excellent job of putting the class together...just enough info to not make color theory boring, but still informative and practical...this will be very helpful to me...thank you for the class experience, Teri!
-Anita, MCC Student

This was my first attempt at an online class and I think Teri did an excellent job. I think a few weeks longer would help.
-Maggie, MCC Student

My Creative Classroom courses have been an eye-opening experience for me. I'd never have believed I could learn so much about a creative and hands-on technique like Coloring in an on-line class.
-Pam, MCC Student

WOW... I haven't had time to do any playing yet this week with the color studies... but I just took a quick peek in the gallery and I'm TOTALLY inspired by everyone's work...
-Colleen, MCC student

You make me want to experiment and play. I haven't felt that way in quite a while and it is so wonderful that the play is being guided and critiqued!

-Fran, MCC Student

Oh, my gosh, it is just awesome!! I am having so much fun making my little pieces of colorful art!!! I always felt using and understanding color was beyond me but now I feel so much more confident. If I make a color wheel and use those colors they will all work together! I am just amazed and truly inspired!! It is like a light bulb went off!! I have felt so frustrated in the past and now I know why. Thank you so much for opening up this world of color to me.

-Pam, MCC Student


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