Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coincidence.. or Message from Heaven?

I can't believe it has been this long since I posted to my blog. Shame, shame, shame! My only excuse is that my life seems to change everyday.

This past Tuesday, June 9, was the day my Daddy "LTC Daddio" went to heaven. Needless to say it wasn't the easiest of days. The day before that, my Mom "The Beauty Queen" had a follow up doctor appointment to redo a lab test and burn some basal cell cancer off of her back.

Well, when I went to get her, she was in severe pain. She had fallen and hurt her hip. A similar incident was what sent my Daddy to the hospital. His surgery went fine, and his recovery was going extremely excellent, until his only remaining lung filled with fluid. He wasn't expected to live through the night, but he stayed with us for another 8 days.

As the doctor explained to me that we would do x-rays instead, to make sure she hadn't broken anything, it wasn't easy to keep myself pulled together. Thankfully, nothing broken, just sprained and bruised.

I couldn't let the week go by without honoring my Daddy somehow. The first picture is of his last Christmas with us. The others are from earlier in the year. The last picture is with my Mom and Fabulous son, Eagle.

That night, the skies opened wide and let down some serious precipitation in the form of hail! Unbelievable! I was in my office when I heard the pounding and thought: how on earth can I hear the rain on the roof from the basement. I hollered at Jim, went upstairs and could NOT believe my eyes!
Hail, reportedly the size of golf balls in some areas, smaller than a quarter here. Our prime scout, the Kona Puppy, wasn't sure what to think. he looked to the left and right, but would have nothing to do with going out for further exploration. We didn't blame him!

but to have happened in early Mid-June, on the Day My Daddy passed seemed significant to me enough to share. If you click the picture for a larger version, you may be able to see the halo of hail in the top right corner, my studio deck below, acquiring balls of ice... in June!

From the Arkansas Ozarks, hoping my friends to the north didn't take a hard hit..


Blogger Scraplady said...

Hi Teri!

Thank you for sharing such a very private and painfultime in your life....that brought tears to my eyes.

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Joanne from your Understanding Color class.

2:30 AM  
Blogger teri said...

thanks, Joanne... it's hard to really believe he's gone sometimes. This post was hard to write, but also cathartic. I cried as I searched for pictures of my Daddy in good health

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:17 AM  

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