Thursday, June 28, 2007

the big unveiling!

today, my new windows and french doors were unveiled!!
the plastic barrier is gone.. and SO is the most of the dust that came with the process. gotta love that 'process'! the walls and floor were vacuumed AND mopped, to prepare for occupancy (haven't taken pics of the occupy part yet :)

OH.. if you are one of my cozy friends to whom i directed to look at the 2nd post, it will now be the 3rd :) holy cow.. things are happening fast and furious around here.
Here's a picture of the whole wall

I've got a BuNCh more pics.. and LoTs MoRE going on... but i'm fading... i'll share more pictures tomorrow...promise!

YES.. there WiLL be 'wall treatment' of some variety :) <- ask jim, he'll tell ya. smirk. but not until all the rest of the drywall is in place, ceiling and all. stay tuned!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

the state of things

well... it WAS the deciding factor on buying this house: my 'basement' studio. i was adamant about how finishing the studio was the priority. wouldn't you know it, other priorities came up (don't they always?) and to be quite honest, when the time came to make studio renovations i had a hard time giving up half of my space. i mean, knocking out holes in the side of my wall for door installation, window upgrades and additions seemed less exciting when the time came two days ago .. June 19 to be exact.

but all the ingredients (doors, windows, supports, etc) were bought, paid for and delivered weeks ago. Tom, our carpenter was ready and the weather was forecasted to be favorable. OK. FiNe. i somewhat reluctantly agree. We moved everything from one side to the other to make room for a 'construction zone'.

here's what it looked like before

and here's what it looks like now:

these shots are from the vantage point of exiting my office. you can see the left hand side walled off with plastic to keep dust from going everywhere

next a couple of shots from another perspective

what's going on behind that curtain, you ask? .. let me show you!

ahh, yes.. FiNaLLy, my french doors and windows are in. tomorrow brings finishing touches, replacing dry wall and such. after that, i'll move back in before going to the next stage. a girl MuST have elbow room to paint! pictures of the new improved space are sure to come!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Manhattan Report..

..and it's about time!

sometimes, it's hard to believe how time flies, yet also seems to stand still in certain moments.

a moment like knowing someone through a small online group of tight knit women for 12 years and meeting some for the first time in NYC! that's when time stands still.. for a moment. you feel like you've known this friend all your life. sitting down at a meal together is like catching up and with a feeling of "it seems like only yesterday" that we sat down together.

Kaye and her adoring husband Travis joined us for dinner on our first night there. they were celebrating their 30th anniversary! jim made sure i didn't embarrass him by blurting out any of my knowledge of the Japanese language ((hi Nobu!))

anyway, here we are. me, preparing to eat sushi while everyone else ordered cooked food ! ;)

then next night, another list Sistah, India and her husband Josh drove in from New Jersey. Okay.. now THaT was a crazy night!!

as we were placing ourselves for the picture, Kaye noticed how i snuggled in on her hubby!! ;)

and then there's just us girls....

THaT was an incredibly FuN night... i even got to "blurt" in English :) the waiter was perplexed and not sure he believed that we'd known each other for so long and have never met in person. but we assured him it was true. he asked how we connected via internet and i blurted out "women seeking women!!!!"

Kaye and Travis were able to come to the show on the first day. We were busier than usual, but after a while it slowed down enough for a nice visit. I'll put some more booth pictures up soon!!