Sunday, May 27, 2007

coming soon!

I have just returned from a FABuLOUs trip to NY where we once again set up a booth in the licensing show that runs concurrently with the National Stationery Show. (Pictures and report to come) We have LoTs and LOTS of wonderful things and products coming up in the very near future.

I am proud to announce that my first professionally published 12 month wall calendar for 2008 will be hitting the shelves this July! You will be able to find them in stores such as Hobby Lobby, Half Price Books--just to name a few! Pinch ME!!

My calendars can be pre-ordered on the web at! Just type my name in the search box. Hurry! Quantities are limited!

OR if you prefer to support of one my favorite suppliers, Brenda at Paper and Ink Arts She should have her supply before the summer winds to an end.

STAY TUNED!! There's much more coming!! I've already been informed that I will be releasing a 2009 Calendar! I couldn't be more thrilled!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

artists and hippies and cars, OH My!

.. picking up where i left off...
Prepared to be bombarded with pics!

i'm adding more from the ARTrageous Parade with some short commentary. the way time is flying, i'd better get these up before the next exciting event ; )

and here come Kathy, J.D.'s wife

then they mingled a bit.. i kept trying to get them to turn my way!! i STiLL LoVe the fairy wings... i MuST have some!

This was my favorite costume!!! whatever that head piece was made out of (something slinky like??) it collapsed and expanded.. TOO Funny!

Next came Africa in the Ozarks.. a simple float followed by the drummers and dancers! What a ToTaL charge they give off. one of these daze.... if my life ever slows down, i am going to the tuesday night classes!!!

and another fun hat..

this next picture, i just could not resist.... definitely a slice of life here

and what parade isn't complete without a marching band!

a new hybrid flower!!! behind her come the diversity artists.. our friends Stan and Billy were part of that

Stan is in the blue beret with tea strainers for glasses. Billy is wearing the yellow beret. I told him he looked like the secret service.. seriously guarding whoever is in that car!!!

still irresistable.. little girls dressed as princesses!

and the fun continues... more costumes.. belly dancers.. another class i intend on participating in...

a finally.. a few cars from the ART Car parade. the VW bug is completely covered with found cigarette butts! who'd have thoughts ugly butts would make a cute bug??

thus concludes my photo sharing.. i HOPE you enjoyed them!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

my little town

Click on all the photos for full size!

May is a month of Celebrating the Arts. well.. it IS an artist community. i was telling friends about attending the Artrageous Parade downtown on saturday. they ALL asked if i have picutres as crazy as the Easter guys! YES, i DO! and i hope you'll have as much fun looking at them as i did being there! i took over 50 pictures. but don't worry, i won't put them all up ; )
this was our first vantage point. at the Main crossroad through old town Eureka.. looking uphill towards the
Flat Iron Building and down towards Basin Springs Park.There's an ampitheatre there.. art benches. .

almost always something going on, even if it is a guy playing guitar...
the police were the first to come down the hill, making sure the way was clear before the festivities began. behind the police car, you can see the leaders of the parade.:: The Art Colony..a recent addition to our little town. J.D. and Kathy Harris are the propietors. The Art Colony was built single handedly by J.D. He is an amazing sculptor, welder, jack of ALL trades and really one of the coolest guys to be around. he has built a "colony' with artist studios, for those who need a place to hang out and paint. AND they have LOTs festivities beginning!!

Their part of the parade started with the banner, "Kindle the Creative Fire" which is what this town is ALL about.. no matter what your spark may be.

and here comes J.D. on something he concoted.. i'll hafta ask him about it ; )

i've got more pics to come... stayed tuned.. the best is yet to come!!