Friday, November 30, 2007

and the winner is....


Your name was drawn from the hat to receive a copy of my dream journal. Please email me your address. my email is teri AT OR you can go through my contact page on my website

Thanks everyone for playing!! stay tuned.... another whim could strike at any moment. I will be offering a dozen or so of these journals for sale. If you are interested, contact me as described above and I will give you details. First come, first served!!

OH... my shipment won't arrive for another week or so, but still in time for Christmas!

Monday, November 19, 2007

special delivery!

I am SOO excited by my most recent samples!! check it out.. a blank journal using my work on the covers

and sorry if i sound braggy (but it IS My Blog! smirk) but i also LoVe the back cover and inside. it is so beautifully manufactured! i only get two contract samples and jim quickly laid claim to one. i HAD to have MoRE!!

in a desperate effort to get more, i contacted the manufacturer ;) the journal is only being distributed as a trial for now, so the print run was limited. BUT.. i DiD manage to get my hands on some! i'm thinking i can offer a few for sale, as well as doing a RAK -stay tuned - they could even be personalized on the first page. i would LoVe feedback as i will have a very limited supply and i want to share as many as i can. naturally, i am going to keep a couple JuST for me! and then hope these things fly and we will all see more!!!

hmm.. let me see.. if you've read this far, let the RAK begin!!! i will draw one lucky winner from all comments posted between now and Thanksgiving. i'd LoVe to learn what you ALL are thankful for and/or any feedback regarding the journals i will soon have available

speaking of things to be thankful for, i think i'll start working on my list now! and will share it with YOU when i am done.. there are so many blessings...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

This just in!!

I just received this today from my agent/publisher!! I'm so jazzed! They distribute wholesale, but they also have an online retail store, so if you want to know immediately where to get them, surf on over to Penny Lane

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

following links

i've decided to have a lazy day today.. seems i've been going a million miles an hour for.. for... forever!! don't get me wrong, i have piles of stuff to do, but I DON'T FEEL LIKE doing ANY of IT!! So there!

going through mail this morning and catching up.. after sleeping in till 10!! i came across a link to another fun little thing on the web. i am tickled with my name acronym!! people tell me i'm talented -- even though it is hard to comprehend (oh boy! an idea for an essay in my spare time!) Easy? yeah, sure.. in more ways than one :) revolutionary?? maybe. but Important?????? perhaps some meditative thinking is required.. maybe in front of stoker with pillows, blankets and a doggy! that's right- first day of the season to fire up that wood burning stove in ye old studio.


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