Monday, August 11, 2008

LoTs of Favorite Pics!

my friends.. i have been SOO caught up in day-to-day life, all the while wanting to share more and more conference stuff with all of you:: serious and nonsense :)

since it's late, AnD i'm wiped after a Dr. appointment day with my Beauty Queen, sending off weekend guests.. i give you this picture of what has been described as "paying tribute to the Gods of Frivolity".. indeed we were! me and my second cousin Julie, in downtown Naperville during LMS.   - photo courtesy Jen in Luv-ville :) thanks babes for A Fab Night!!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Check this out..

-- pun intended!

I knew I had this contract and I have been watching the site, but my designs can now be ordered as checks!!! Here's one design of one 4 pack.

I have two sets!! Check them out here 
and here

Too Cool!!!! Their descriptions crack me up! Acclaimed artist? hmmmm.... well, if THeY say so! You can also get a matching checkbook cover and address labels. I think I'll order some today. What fun!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Serendipity at Letters Mingle Souls

As I slowly get caught up, I will continue to post conference pics in chronological order. These are from Serendipity night. Charles Pearce can sure sing and Irish ditty! I believed he was coerced into this one. There was never a shortage of musicians  with a variety of instruments. OH what a night.

I believe there have been some postings of our tattoos during serendipity. Here's me getting mine...done by the nothing but spectacular Georgia Deaver.

If you have never had the honor and pleasure of meeting Georgia. Make SuRE the next time see her, introduce yourself. She is always smiling, laughing and enjoying life. Definitely not a person to feel intimidated by. Quite the opposite, she will openly note her pleasure in meeting YOU.. with a smile, a giggle and a blush! Love ya Ms G!

And finally, Yves, my instructor of the week, getting silly, flexing and showing off his tattoo... WHaT FuN!!

Stay tuned.. there WiLL be more to come..