Wednesday, December 29, 2004

my two favorite guys

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and of course, i can never resist sharing pictures of my two favorite guys in the whole world. how i didn't manage to get inbetween them i'll never know ; )

i send my best wishes to all for the brightest and happiest of new year's. it's hard to believe another year is whizzing by......

and here he is...

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my loving husband. we spent Christmas day with his family feasting at the Houstonian Hotel. it was fabulous!! very fancy schmancy. mostly, i wanted to get a current photo of Jim. after years of pleading : ) i was finally able to convince him to keep his whiskers by buying him a good trimmer. he's not sure he likes it.. i LoVe it!!!!

and now i think i will get on with studio musings ; )

White Christmas??

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you see, i am a California girl... well, except for being raised in Hawaii! my point is: i prefer bare feet, sand and sun . but i suppose i won't complain

we went to Houston for Christmas this year to celebrate with my husband's family. whodda thunk it would have snowed???? it started Christmas eve, and by the morning, this is what our deck looked like. had i the proper attire, i might have made a snow angel ; )

Sunday, December 19, 2004

my pride and joy

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well, since i am on a roll, i figure this is a good place to share a little about myself. this is a picture of me and my son, Eagle. it's hard to believe that i have a 23 year old son.. but it's true. he has grown into a fine young man who is extremely talented! he is everything a mother could ever want in a son and i adore the relationship we have together.

Slowly but surely ; )

I realize this is supposed to be easy..... Maybe because it's Sunday and I should be napping or watching football! Anyway, stay tuned! i think I am getting the hang of this

Thursday, December 16, 2004

getting started

for some time now, i've thought about having a place where it will be easy and convenient to post the latest goings on. well.... here it is. Welcome!