Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kansas City here we come!

and it's no April Fools either!

we've been wanting to go to KC, it's the closest "Big City" aside from Tulsa.... i'm sure KC is more intriguing ; ) hey, i don't mind hanging out with a bunch of "crazy little women there" ; ) but really, my eyes will be on two men.. hehehehe! jim and i are celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year (May 9, actually) but we've decided to do it up big early and this is our chance!

Soo.. who's the "other" guy???? AHHHHH... the reason for celebrating early:::

that's right! damn near front and center seats for Eric Clapton in the Kemper Arena. it just doesn't get much better than that! May is TOO hectic with Surtex and such, so we're headed out, staying two nights, touring, shopping, breakfast in bed. LOL!! not to mention that it has been 15 years since the two of us took a vacation JUST for us.. no family, no business.. ALL pleasure!

and my man of honor::

cute, humble, sexy
and he takes GooD care of his 'vehicles' smirk.. he's gettin' it all polished up for the big road trip! i'm just not sure he has any fun ; )

well, ya know he's gotta get his "zoom, zoom" ready for the festivities :) let the good times roll!

more from the Chateau :)

it has been a crazy several weeks here... between cranking out deadlines, i've been playing "Bed and Breakfast". OH.. i can hear jim laughing now!! ME??? do breakfast?? scandalous ; ) often when we have houseguests, he's already gone to the local bakery and has an assortment of fresh pastries for everyone. by the time i stumble out of bed, he's seen to the coffee and breakfast condiments. Okay, Jim?? not that you'll read this. but yes, credit where credit is due! Oh, and i love you for that, and everything else....

what I really wanted to share was these pictures of my wonderful son, Eagle

This was his last night here before headed back to CA. i LoVe having him here and always hate to say goodbye. but he'll be back soon.. i hope! and just so I don't leave LTC Daddio out, here's a picture of him too!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Chateau de Martin--

is open for business! LOL! i've joked that ever since we moved here, we've averaged at least a houseguest(s) per month. Last week, my sister was here for the Beauty Queen's birthday

can you tell she's having a wonderful time??? OH! OOooops! that's my sister Linda

I made her a card using some of my new Princess scrapbook collection. I used a picture taken on Christmas 2005 where i had given her a tiara wrapped in purple velvet. we decided to do the "Beauty Queen Wave" so i asked them to do it again.. you can see the Christmas 05 picture here

Daddy said he has never seen her so happy. it was the first time in forever that she got to spend her birthday with her daughters and we made sure she was treated like royalty! .. then she started to cry. tears of happiness of course

today my wonderful son arrives, along with nephew #2. nephew #4 arrived last tuesday.. they should be here any minute and i still havce ToNs of work to do!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

CHA Winter Releases

Many thanks to Andrea Deer designer extraordinaire for Creative Imaginations for sharing these scapbook layouts with me. They feature my recent releases "Bride 2 Be" and "Wedding" Collections.. in stores SOON!

now if i could gather the patience to be THaT good with an exacto knife! amaZING! i prefer a pen, pencil or brush any day! not to mention that my husband always backs away slowly whenever i have something sharp in my hand. LOL! did i mention that i am having a dinner party tonight??

then there's my wonderful son Eagle

budding musician and professional chef. whenever he comes for a visit, he gives me a lesson on the proper usage of a kitchen knife "mother, mother, mother..." he says! OH.. if you look real close, he's used some of my letter stickers on his guitar

and i just happened across this picture on his website, doing his entrepenurial thing promoting his music in Berkeley. there's a little "like mother, like son" in him... Okay, fine, Jim gets some credit too!!

I've got LoTs of exciting stuff coming up, so stay tuned!!!