Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion..

well... isn't that what a Blog is for???

After paying months for a newsletter service, I finally found the gumption, inspiration and desire to begin! My first Newsletter will go out before the end of this week

Newsletter recipients will receive special offers and advance notices (upcoming online classes!!)... whatever whim or happy news strikes on that day!

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dreaming BIG, teri

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A little more from CHA

Taking a quick moment to share a few more things from CHA. Here is a picture of me with my designer Showcase. Thanks to my awesome agent a Penny Lane for sending this to me

And here she is, my lovely agent at Penny lane in her booth on the show floor. Renee is ALWAYS busy.. a real go-getter! She was either on the phone with customers or busy showing books and samples to an interested manufacturer

And here I am, in front of my display area in the Creative Imaginations booth. This was on the last day. I think I look a  little worse from wear and tear :)

And here's a peek at my "Asian Way" collection, releasing next month!

At the end of the show, everyone was lulling around, counting down those last few minutes. This is a picture of the amazing folks behind the scenes at Creative Imaginations.

Also, take a look at the video made by Jenn Mason. Jenn Is a CI artist who does some amazing stuff! I'm beginning to wonder if she has learned the secret to adding hours to the day.. OR does she sleep?? check her latest blog with a cool interview here

Friday, February 06, 2009


Whew.. what a long week.. OR has it been two weeks??? When I left my mountain home to head for CHA in CA, it was 65 degrees. And this is what I returned to::

the frozen tundra at the airport. This wasn't the worst of it, this is just after I was able to grab my camera from my bags. I was exhausted because I was stranded in Dallas the night before as a result of this storm. 

The roads were crazy. For a second, a brief second, I considered taking a walk up to the front of our road. Major damage. Jim had to chain saw his way out one day. But then I came to my senses and decided pictures of our backyard were enough!

We were lucky as only a few branches broke under the pressure of the ice. Our friends down the road had a branch go through the roof of their sun room. Up the street, people cars were covered in debris. Thank goodness for the garage!

These are pics of our backyard. As damaging as it was, the glistening of the ice on the branches and roof is mesmerizing to me!

Next up... Here are some pictures from Creative Imagination's preview party. Always fun!! Getting to see those reps who love to sell my stuff. These were taken at my make and take at the party

I love this woman.. even if I can't remember her name ;(   sorry! I handed her my camera and asked her to shoot some pics for me, which she graciously agreed. I told her I had to be serious!

Then she told me I was too serious! Hey this is close to rocket science for a girl who wants to throw paint around!

And here is the lovely Stayce Dewid helping me... and Lord knows I need all the help I can get

and one more of my friend Roann. She participated in the License and Design section and did Fabulously!!!! Way to go, Roann! She was positively glowing!

I'll be back soon, with a few more pics. For now, I hear art directors cracking whips!