Friday, January 26, 2007

journal entry

some friends of mine on a small email list are getting together to work on a journal project together. these ladies are among the most generous and encouraging women i know. following a thread, i was telling them about a particular journal entry of mine.

I did this on the plane trip here in august of 2005. we had never been to eureka springs, knew very little about it other than the fact that i have a friend who lives here. he told us we should come take a look. we flew out with the intention of buying a house. i picked up the in flight magazine and started ripped out things that appealed to me. i started glueing them down and here is what came out....

if you click on the photo, you can see a larger version. what amazes me is that things turned out almost the way i envisioned it here on this spread... paradise, nature, a big house.... note that i always include the date(s) that i work on my pages

but even MORE amazing to me is the next spread... when friends learned that we were moving from california to arkansas, they looked at me as though i was crazy. okay, well, i AM crazy!! anyway, i would begin to describe this little historic town, populated by lots of transplanted artists and hippies. what could be better, i asked.

Now, when people ask me how i like it, i tell them i LoVe it! who would have thunk that this wonderful oasis awaited in the middle of the country. it wasn't until this past summer when i was sharing my journal with a friend and i turned to this page...

WoW! i had envisioned an oasis on the way here, and that has been how i've been describing it since we moved. ahh... the power of visualization! - all with a glue stick and some colored pencils!

Today, i am off to california to attend a trade show where new my scrapbook designs and rubber stamps will preview. if i can find the time, i'll see about posting some pictures while i'm there

Thursday, January 18, 2007


.. how did it get to be january all of a sudden?? not only january, but half way through the month? there's been LoTs to share with zero time. is that becoming an old recording?

here's my buddy who never fails to put a smile on face. his favorite game involves this red rubber bone, a favorite toy.

one of his other favorite things is feet. he LoVes to play the foot game and can always be enticed! just a snapshot of a happy moment in the middle of certain life changes...