Monday, July 21, 2008

Live from LMS

For my CS buddies, anxiously awaiting reports and pics... here is a quickie for ya!
On Saturday night, as Charles and I headed for our "fine dining" experience, the lovely Ms Gemma came along.. she and I decided to make a Charles sandwich :)

Jane Parillo- ACA Extraordiare- became the newest inductee to the Sisterhood of Ilk!

Then.. a few hours later, Let's get this party started!! We happened upon Mr Clark of Twin Rocker paper. sorry darlin, I forgot your fist name... and the other darlin on the violin.. memory fails.... but my eyes can spot him anywhere!! Jen singing, me dancing

and now the CS dinner (more pics soon as time allows... but i was humble at the the generous presentation of you sneaky folks and Gems beautiful "T is for Teri". I'd heard the rumblings and I thought there was bookmark project.. boy was i EvER wrong..and humbled.... my kisses are blowing to YOU from Chicago... words fail, And I'm shedding a tear as I write this.. THaNK you ALL!!

and finally, the Fab Mr Moscato...

i need sleep..... i managed ALL day today on 3 hours of sleep.......