Monday, April 23, 2007

the visitor

this morning, as i sat in my office catching up on mail, i heard a weird noise. at first, i thought it was condensation from the a/c dripping from the pipe into the drain just outside my office door. i checked, it was wet and dripping, so i went about my day.

soon, i wandered into my studio.. the noise was louder in there. i see some movement inside of stoker (my wood burning stove's name ;) at first i was alarmed, but then i saw this.
a little bird trapped in stoker. poor birdie. i went to tell jim and he came down to help. okay.. that's when i grabbed my camera ;) he was busily flitting all about, trying to find his way home. one thing i DiD know, is that we didn't need a released bird bouncing offf the windows ; )

he fluttered all around inside.i couldn't believe that he managed to get all the way through the flue. naturally, the kona puppy had to be involved in what was going on. he was promptly ushered outside! then, jim and i discussed the best way to help a little birdie get out.

we finally dedcided to put a box around the open doors, hoping he would hop inside. yeah, right. then i threw some pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in there and left the room quiet.

i had a meeting upstairs, and by the time i was done, we were able to coax the frightened birdie into the box and release him outside.. one happy little winged beauty!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The likes of these ; )

can you believe these are some of the crazy people i hang out with???? the names are being withheld to protect the innocent --you KNoW who you are ; )

sorry sweetheart, i couldn't help myself.. the devil made me do it. snicker

Sunday, April 08, 2007

lovely hula hands ; )

i was playing 20 questions with the girls on a message board the other day. BOY, i tell ya, those ladies are are smart. the question was "What professional career did i give up to become a CA girl?" some smarty pants (--sorry, T, couldn't resist!) got it on the fourth question. Then ... THEN, they want to see pics.

Okay, ladies, just for you!

Here's a pic of me and my brother.... i was tempted to hide the date ; ) but, heck, i haven't changed very much at all.. snicker!

years later, i was the Princess of Ni'ihau for May Day. my mother sewed my gown and everyone always wanted to me to dance at their functions. this one below is somebody's 50th wedding anniversary. are ya happy now??

Saturday, April 07, 2007

You've GOT to see this!!

it's the cutest thing..a little Princess Purse! -made by Cheryl Mezzetti using my Princess Collection

Cheryl is the Design Team Coordinator for Creative Imaginations. She's been designing the MoST awesome stuff with my newest collections. She'll also be joining in on tonight's chat (see below)

You can see more pics of her purse at her website along with LoTs of other creative stuff i'm sure you'll get lost in! YOU RoCK, Cheryl!

anybody wanna play???

here's an invitation for all you scrapbookers, paper lovers, party people etc ; )

Today the good folks at ScrapHappyKT are hosting a "Celebrity" event.. featuring ME! LOL! There are contests (also fun for you calligraphers out there!) AND there will be a LIVE chat starting at 8pm Central.

You'll need a user name and password to play in the chat or contest. I have been hanging with these ladies for over a month and they are the most fun and loveable bunch! Join us, won't you??