Friday, January 16, 2009

Prime Time!

today i was informed by my agent that a piece of my work will be used as a prop on TV!! This happened before on "Wizards of Waverly Place" but nobody knew when.

THIS time, I go big 3 on the TV show "Criminal Minds" on February 18. BUT, you'd better not blink :) We believe it will be used as wall art in a dorm room. i think she said it will be this piece...

i'm gonna be sure to set the DVR! no money, just bragging rights! hopefully a little exposure? does this look good on a CV?  "As seen on TV" LOL!! OH... shameless self promotion, you can buy this piece (among others) at Penny Lane's website

Friday, January 09, 2009

Emerald Isle

Here's another recent scrapbook collection that recently released. I had SOO much fun designing this one: weaving celtic knots, painting shamrocks and playing with some new mediums. The collection includes 4 papers, a sticker sheet, epoxy stickers and brads. Check out your local scrapbook store!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

an Omen?

my friends, as I close down the first night of the New Year, my reflections of years gone by remain. Last night, as Jim uncorked the champagne, impeccably timed and directly on cue, it blasted across the room, scaring the kona puppy. We toasted the New Year, looking forward with optimism. i wondered where the cork was...

it had landed in my "nest", my cuddle chair where i spread out my journals and whatever suits my fancy :) if you look closely you'll see a stack of journals and such, a basket of quickie "gotta get this idea down" stuff. the antique ashtray holds various tools.. i see a glue stick :) and my glasses are in there too! 

but i digress.. in my hand woven shawl/poncho, blanket in my nest, the cork (a New Year symbol of sorts, i suppose) found its nest in mine. i've been trying to upload a close up several times now, if you care to you can click  the image for a larger pic)  i AM determined to send this before the clock strikes 12. May all your days bubble over  with delight in all the right places at all the right times! Here's to a Bright and bursting NEW year