Sunday, January 30, 2005

a weekend in the life...

from the studio

well, i figured it's been long enough since i popped in, so here i am!!

i have been busily cranking away in the studio, designing my summer scrapbook release. when i'm in design mode, all of other life comes to a near stop! i'm painting papers, designing new alphabets, albums... all kinds of fun stuff for the paper, letter, word and color junkies out there ; ) and i use that term fondly!

in a couple of weeks, i am off to CHA, an industry trade show. i always look forward to that and make sure i pamper myself! hey, if anyone reading this will be there, look me up in the creative imaginations booth.

i'll see if i can manage to get a picture of my studio while the hurricane is blowing through there... sometimes i have to clear a path!!

now back to the studio. Grace is calling. and, yes, Elaine, Grace is indeed a spiritual part of my life. i should probably talk about her some time....

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

searching for Grace

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i had in mind to share a piece of myself.
a piece i always share freely, except i say that i don't just tell anyone ; ) she is my muse.
it took me a long time to name her.
it took me a long time to realize that it was well beyond time to give her a name!
when it FiNaLLy came to me, it was like a light. you know, like the things that are right in fornt of that you never see....

anyway, through a series of writing sessions, i found her. she somehow managed to channel this book through me a couple of years ago. it may have been before i really knew her name. but now, this book, and my muse are my companions.

i went looking for pictures i had so i could share it with you. i opened my find window to do a search, when suddenly, i couldn't help but smile inside... the same as i am doing now. because i was searching for grAce.....

the photo below is the open book

inside Grace

inside Grace
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a picture of the open book

Saturday, January 08, 2005

shoulda, woulda coulda...

from the studio

so i'm at this wonderful calligraphy society event today, playing with lots of fun stuff with many of my favorite people and sharing lots of laughs! do i have my camera? no. and to think here is a rare time when i am out and about. shame on me! and there were lots of photo opportunities. phooey. let this be a lesson to me.

we had a blast doing many different things: we made cards using embellishments from designing with fun foam, trinkets with shrink plastic, nifty brush letters, acrylic skin??? don't ask!!

if you were there today and are reading this entry-- what FuN!! i've said before and i will say again how much i ALwAYs enjoy spending a creative day with you! Hi O!!!! LoVed signing your "t" today