Wednesday, December 20, 2006

life in a small town...

as promised... a recent police report from our "Lovely County Citizen". it comes out every week on thursday and some entries always have a humorous bent. one week laundry was reported stolen from a hwy 62 laundromat, but was found "hiding in a dryer"!! a friend recently remarked that she had sent a copy to a police officer friend in a big city. his comment was that this stuff would NeVeR make into any kind print. but hey, what can we say... gotta report something!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Holiday Home Tour

this past sarturday was a holiday home tour. there were several victorian homes, B&Bs and retreats open for viewing. our friends and neighbors, stan and billy, asked us to go and we said why not?? we all had a blast!! at our first stop, we were invited to make a gingerbread house. at first we looked at each other and wondered. but thanks to the kids who live inside me and stan, we sat down and made our best attempt to be creative. .. we may have gotten too ambitious ; ) Stan wanted to make a geodesic dome? -is that right Stan? he built while i tried to bite the ginger bread into appropriate size and shape. needless to say, we failed horribly! we finally gave up, realizing it had become a california house, destroyed by earthquake, landslide and finally wild fire ; ) the propietor told us she would have a picture of in the upcoming edition "The Lovely County Citizen" -our weekly local paper. (more on that in a future post!). if that REALLy happens, i'll scan it and send it along, what a hoot!

Billy and I ventured up the stairs to where a private jacuzzi sat above the town. We had an ice storm blow through just two days before and temps remained at or below freezing so everything was quite frosty!

The next two photos are of the view from the jacuzzi level. in the distance of the above photo, you can see the old historic Crescent Hotel (circa 1886??) high atop the hill. i am also quite taken with rock formations around here, and even though it is cold just to look at it, we marveled at the icicles glistening in the late afternoon sun