Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it's about time..

in more ways than one :)

so many of our colleagues have shared pictures and stories from CHA in CA. how do they do it?? i need more time!

i had a ToTaL BLaST and have a Bunch of pics. i will see about squeezing in a few bits and pieces as often as i can.

thanks to all of the great folks in San Diego and Orange County for taking my color and painting class.. and also to the many fine folks i met and played with at the Creative Imaginations booth. i always enjoy carrying on with you during the make and takes!! thanks for stopping by!

for a little fun, here is a picture by Sandy D in the OC class. Sandy is an awesome calligrapher and photographer! Sandy.. if you're reading and have a website, post it in the comments OR write me and I will pass it along.

stay tuned!! meanwhile i'm off to see about getting more paint on my hands!


Blogger Victoria said...

Hey, that you have time while that toe is healing we all want picutures up here from that So. Cal workshop!!!


11:55 AM  

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