Thursday, December 01, 2005

from the other side

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just a shot from another angle of the tearing apart of the flat files ; ) actually, i'm standing in that favorite corner in the "back forty" as jim calls it. my drafting table is in the opposite corner

a friend wrote today, lovingly hating me, if that makes sense. but i keep thinking about how many years it has been that my mantra has been:: "i need a bigger studio" i even specified either three or four rooms, or one big room of the size of three or four. and LooK what i got! i think i got a room the size of five or six…i feel completely blessed

what's my point? believe in your dreams.. the bigger the dream the better. i've forever been a proponent of that philosphy. i guess i'm feeling chatty, or just behind on what i have to share


Anonymous Collene in Oz said...

No fair...look at all that room, and paper, tables to play on, space to fill up..wonder how long it will take you..grin..leave some room for me to come and play in..

7:43 AM  
Blogger teri said...

LOL! night before last, i put on my roller blades and skated around in there ; )

8:04 AM  

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