Thursday, December 01, 2005

working girl

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where on earth have i been?? i'm telling you, the pace hasn't stopped since we arrived here about a month ago. every time i've turned around, someone has wanted something from me.

I'm laughing at the scenario of the other night. it was tuesday, i was on a wednesday deadline for rubber stamps and i was cranking away. that afternoon, i had a phone call from my scrapbook art director. .. they needed me to knock out an illustration. .. a "Stop what you're doing, we need this right away" variety.

So, I did.

i went back to working on rubber stamps. i was NOwhere near done and dinner was knocking on the door

that's when my aspiring awesome guitarist son sent an email. he wanted any recent pictures i have of him for his web page. of course he wanted them right away.

jim was standing over my shoulder. in pure exhaustion, i asked if "anybody else needs something from me right away". i looked up at him and said "oh.. yeah.. you.." he was hungry ; )

anyway, i've been wanting to share this new release with you.. my winter/holiday foil collection.. in stores now!!! i am soo happy with the way it turned out

back tomorrow with a studio update....


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