Thursday, December 08, 2005

first snow

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what's this...

SNOW?? i know it's just a dusting, but still...

you can call me a weenie.. in fact, i HAvE been called a "California Winter Weather Weenie"--by a friend in Philadelphia.

i admit it. hey, i'm a california girl raised in hawaii, what can i say? when it gets into the zero digits, that's cold. the joke is when it gets 60, californians look for their sweaters. in hawaii, it's 75 ;) i ordered fleece socks today.. then i ordered fleece slippers! i'm already wearing my fleece underwear.. oh well, god knows i don't look good in a bikini anymore.

i guess i should be thankful. there are people being more plummeted than i. stay warm everybody! except for those of you in southern california.. go to the beach for me!


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