Monday, July 17, 2006

Taking a break

Gosh... it's been such a long time since i've taken a moment. It has been Grand Central around here! Since we returned from New York, we've hosted two sets of guests.. well, one of them wasn't a 'set', just my very dear friend Amy, who was here a week or so ago.

Before that, nearly my entire family was here. My mother, father and brother came from Hawaii. My sister and her two grandkids drove in from Nashville and my dad's niece, nephew, their daughter and granddaughter drove down from Chicago. It was all so new, different and WoNDeRFuL for me to be able to host everyone. We all had dinner one night at a lovely restaurant that overlooks the lake at sunset. Beautiful. Here's me and the Beauty Queen, photo credit thanks to Cousin Julie!

It's become a tradition for me, jim and kona to play on the floor after dinner. it wasn't hard to get the kids to play along, in fact kona found himself with LoTs of action!! That's my sister Linda with her two grandkids. I guess it's hard to resist the kona puppy sometimes!

And so look who gets into the action... the Beauty Queen!! We had a little party that night and after everyone had left, we decided to have a little fun. Notice the little foot in the bottom of the picture. We had a BLaST crawling around on the floor playing "puppy"!!

The party's over!! My parents spent another day after everyone had gone. . I went down to my studio to do a bit of work and when I came upstairs, I saw the cutest sight... don't kill me LTC Daddio! You two were irresistable! I even have video!! -don't worry, i won't publish THaT! They were pooped and Daddy had cut his chin shaving. It was so much fun having everybody here and I'm looking forward to having them here again. However, the work pace hasn't stopped, especially with all this activity. For now, I better get back to work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of family fun, Teri. I was especially happy to see Kona looking all frisky and happy. He is one lucky boy!

Blessings ~ Kaye

1:44 PM  
Anonymous teriamartin said...

thanks, Kaye! we had a fabulous time together. i sure do love my little kona puppy.. he is a total sweetheart

10:05 AM  

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