Monday, May 08, 2006

Workshop at CPs

My Buddy Charles has been teaching an ongoing workshop in Little Rock. This past weekend, the class was held here in Eureka Springs, I'm guessing because of all the weekend's festivities. After promising to behave myself (and those who know me, know how hard a task THAT is ; ) I was invited to come and see what everyone was up to.

Charles sets up a workshop space in the studio area of his house... with all those windows and high ceiling, it is a Perfect place for a class. Downstairs in his basement, Charles gave a quill curing and cutting demo, then everyone got their very own quill... except for me I guess I wasn't a student and didn't qualify! Anyway, it was fun. After telling many of his students previously about how I work in my pajamas, they encouraged me (even insisted!) that I show up in my "uniform". So I DID!!! all I had to do was throw a hat on my head and boots on my feet. Sorry, no picture ; )


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