Friday, February 02, 2007

CHA Report

gosh, when i look around the web and see what's already posted about CHA, i wonder if i am a slug? ;) i DeFiniTLeY feel like one!

CHA has GOT to be one of the most overwhelming shows ever. eye candy everywhere.. everything from scrapbooking to fibers to knitting and sewing machines, art supplies--almost anything one can think of!!

every show, Creative Imaginations has a preview party for their biggest customers. this year was a Holywood theme. upon entering the room, folks are greeted with a glass of champagne, then a fellow dressed as Austin Powers set up with a professional photographer ready for each person's moment in the spotlight! Those pictures will be ready from the photographic company shortly and i'll be sure to post them here.

meanwhile, here are some shots from the party.... this is John, our printer extraordinaire.

one of my favorite things to do is to linger around my display and listen to comments and meet folks. Here is a small peek at my new wedding line that released at this show. it comes complete with coordinating paper and stickers for the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party.. so far it appears to be a grand success!

These ladies here are admiring and ordering my Princess line that can be found in stores now. It really is an adorable collection.

When it was time to leave, i waited for the shuttle with one of our customers. We decided to have our picture taken together. Jeanne.. if you're reading, email me and i will send you a copy! this picture is also for my friends with whom i moaned and worried about formal attire. thank goodness the little black dress and flat sandals are "in"!


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